Optimization and Operations Research Resources

Decision Trees, Guides, and Software Lists

NEOS Guide
software guide, optimization tree, Linear Programming FAQ, Nonlinear Programming FAQ , ...
Decision Tree for Optimization Software
has also interesting benchmarks (by Hans D. Mittelmann and P. Spellucci)
NHSE Software Catalog
Numerical Analysis, Visualization, ... (NHSE stands for National HPCC Software Exchange, the Software Catalog is hosted by NetLib at UTK)
Guide to Available Mathematical Software
guide to the SLATEC, CMLIB, and other libraries (NIST)
The Object-Oriented Numerics Page
contains links to many C++-libraries for numerical analysis (by Todd Veldhuizen)
Numerical Analysis FAQ
by Steve Sullivan (sullivan@mathcom.com), Mathcom, Inc.
Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
numerous links to numerical analysis and optimization software
Mathematical Programming Glossary Index
by Harvey J. Greenberg

Societies and General Indizes

Optimization Technology Center
NEOS Server, Guide, and Toolbox
informs online
(Merger of Operations Research Society of America (ORSA) and The Institute of Management Sciences (TIMS))
numerical analysis net (maintained at NetLib, Director: Jack Dongarra)
a moderated list and archive of the Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinigung
Industrial Mathematics Net (Heidelberg)

Personal Optimization and OR Pages

! Michael Trick's Operations Research Page
! Operations Research and Related Sites
by John Mitchell (mitchj@rpi.edu)
Global Optimization
by Arnold Neumaier (neum@cma.univie.ac.at)
Sources of Numerical Optimization Information
by Nick Gould (N.Gould@rl.ac.uk)
Optimization with Sensitivity Analysis Resources
by Hossein Arsham

Some Special Solvers

HOPDM - Higher Order Primal-Dual Method
by Jacek Gondzio
SOL (Systems Optimization Laboratory) at Stanford University
MINOS, NPSOL, LSSOL by Gill/Murray/Saunders

Some Software Archives

Netlib, Netlib at UTK
eLib (including a mirror of Netlib)
at ZIB Berlin
UK Mirror (formerly HENSA)
a well sorted archive and index of freely available software, including Statlib, Netlib, Matlab, and Mathematica archives


C++ Coding Standard
Quadralay Corporation's C++ Archive

last reviewed Feb 18, 1997
Stefan Jaschke