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Indexes and FAQs
Cetus - index of OOP, design patterns, Corba, C++, OO DBMS, and more
KFA-Juelich - an extensive index of C++ resources
Bjarne Stroustrup's frequently asked questions
The C++ Virtual Library - at
The Object-Oriented Numerics Page - index of numerical software in C++ and Java
University of Cambridge C++ Site (Association of C and C++ Users) - book reviews, some links
Robert Davies' C++ index
What is legal C++?
December 1996 Working Paper (CD-2) in HTML (at Cygnus, now RedHat)
CD-2 in PDF and Postscript (at AT&T)
How to express yourself in C++
C++ FAQ Lite by Marshall Cline
About the Standardization Process and the Newer C++ Features
comp.std.c++ (by Matt Austern)
C++ - Beyond the ARM (by Sean Corfield)
KAI C++ User's Guide, Chapter 9
Glen McCluskey - tutorials and ISO-discussions
The STL-site at SGI - simply the best resource on the STL on the web
Dinkum C++ Library Reference
Vendor-specific Information
Edison Design Group
C++ Compiler Comparison Chart - Ross Smith
C++ Libraries - repository of free C++ libraries
Los Alamos National Laboritory - numerical analysis and visualization
Matrix Template Library - high performance, generic linear algebra library (sparse and dense)
TNT (template numerical toolkit) - "The TNT component for linear algebra is a successor to the Lapack++, Sparselib++, IML++, and MV++ packages."
garbage collection (by Hans Böhm)
ACE/TAO (adaptive communication environment) - framework and CORBA implementation
The Design and Evolution of C++, Bjarne Stroustroup, 1994
Effective C++, Scott Meyers, 1998 (2nd edition)
More Effective C++, Scott Meyers, 1996
Effective C++ CD, Scott Meyers, 1999 (both books on one CD)

Components, Frameworks, and CORBA

Indexes and FAQs
Distributed Objects & Components: Overview - at Cetus-links
Douglas Schmidt's CORBA page
The Free CORBA Page - by Tom Valesky

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