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Mini-Guides, Essays, Software, and Local Documentation
BLAS Benchmarks (Feb 2002)
A few benchmarks using the ATLAS implementation of the BLAS API.
Linux on the Dell Inspiron 4100 (Nov 2001)
How to install Linux on the Dell Inspiron 4100.
HTML in 10 Minuten (Mar 2000)
Mini-Guide to HTML4.0 in German
Why Hyperwave? (Mar 2000)
This article was written March 2000, when I was asked to organize a research group's web appearance, but the only server used at the institute was a Hyperwave server. I tried to understand what Hyper-G once was and Hyperwave now is.
10 Theses on the Nature of Mathematics (Nov 1999)
There are diverse views on what mathematics is and were it is heading. In this essay I look at some myths about mathematics. By assembling lots of quotations from well-known mathematicians I derive 10 theses on what mathematics is and what it is not.
A Quick-And-Dirty Development Application Benchmark (May 1997)
A simple benchmark (testing LaTeX, C++-compile, and numeric performance) with source (58k) and some results.
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